Melinda Livsey

Hi, I’m Melinda, and my aim is to help you get paid to think. 

Maybe you’re a graphic designer who is sick of being just an order-taker and pushing pixels until your client is happy. You may feel like you're shooting for an invisible target—over-thinking and over-designing everything. Perhaps you’re even feeling anxiety at the start of new projects, wondering if you’ll actually come up with a good idea while hoping you’ll finally have the creative freedom you so desperately long for.  

I’ve been there. Things got so bad that I even found myself looking into other careers besides design. Luckily, I hung on and came out the other side.

Over my 10+ years of experience as a graphic designer, I realized that it was a lot harder than I thought to be valued for creative thinking. I would frequently get hired to replicate an image a client already had in their head but rarely for my creative problem solving that originally got me interested in this career in the first place. Tons of revisions later, I just wanted to be done. 

In 2015, I transitioned from general graphic design to brand identity designer, and in 2017, I added brand strategy to my expertise. That change was the missing link that enabled me to finally reach my creative potential, not to mention charge more than double for branding projects.  

I’m now in a place where my ideal clients pay me to think and I’m bringing more value to them than I ever did as just a brand identity and graphic designer. If you want to grow and become a valued expert, then I want to share what I learned (and am learning) with you. 

It took me a long time to get here, but it doesn’t have to take that long for you. 

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