Some compete on price. We prefer you don't compete at all.


The competition is growing. It’s everywhere. You feel you need to compete on price, to compete at all. And while that may very well be true, that’s only part of the equation.

The other?

It’s knowing how to go from growing a business to growing a brand. One that better connects your company, to your customers, in ways you can only imagine.

Where, at Marks and Maker, we believe that having a vision is great. But finding someone who can build that bridge you need to get there, is even better.


Melinda Livsey
Principal/Owner, Marks and Maker












What makes us so special?

Marks and Maker is here to help you build a stronger, more emotional connection between your company and your customers. Providing a clear, actionable strategy (and plan) on how to do just that. Consistently. Over time.

Because with over ten years of experience building both large and small brands, we know that consistency builds trust. Trust grows sales. And sales grow happy people and organizations time and time again.




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