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Melinda helped my team and I to shepherd our clients along a thought journey rather than giving them a "fast-pass" to an idea that they are ultimately uncomfortable with. This new approach to working with our clients has proven to be a great success AND there is less stress and pressure for our team in the process.

– Nicole Armstrong, Senior Designer at Farm Design


I went from charging $0 to $10,000 for my design thinking.


Melinda Livsey

In 2017, I transitioned from order-taker designer to expert brand consultant. I ditched my brand identity questionnaire and replaced it with an in-person brand strategy workshop and everything changed.

I was finally able to get paid to think.

Before offering brand strategy workshops, I was charging a big fat zero to research and gather information from my client. Once I started offering brand strategy, I was getting paid $10,000 to think, ask questions, research, and come up with the direction of my client’s brand!

I am now seen as an expert who is valued for their design thinking and problem solving. Not only that, my new process enables me to find the golden nuggets that I need to design work my client loves and I am proud of.

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