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You have a rare, one of a kind, golden nugget buried deep within your story.

And when you book a Discovery Consultation, we'll search for that golden nugget together. You'll walk away from this first meeting with clarity about that special something that only you and your brand possess—that thing that will attract your ideal clients like bees to honey. 

Not to mention—it's a lot more fun (and efficient) to go on a treasure hunt with someone else. 

Clear the clutter so you can develop a winning brand personality and laser focus on your goals.


Work directly with Marks and Maker Founder and Brand Strategist, Melinda Livsey, to help you see through the fog, understand who your brand is, who it needs to attract, and what you need to do to start winning hearts.

Melinda has helped countless businesses avoid getting caught up in the next shiny object, but rather, find out which one is worth its weight in gold.


Do you feel like you’re inside a water bottle but you’re trying to read the label? Sometimes we just need an extra pair of eyes and perspective to get us on the right track. 

1 hour video consult (via Zoom)

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