The Inner Circle Facebook Group has launched!

TL;DR… Go straight to sign up.

As you are well aware, I’m on a journey, and I’m learning I can’t (and frankly don’t want to) go on that journey alone. I have my eyes set on building a sustainable branding business that will enable me to work with more of my ideal clients, more frequently. Now that I have that plan, I want to not only share it with you, I want you to join me. Accountability, community, and sharing a common goal are things I greatly value, and that’s why I created the Inner Circle. We all need our own inner circle of like-minded creatives pursuing a common goal, and that’s what I hope to provide you through this membership group. 

The goal for the next three months will be to build the foundation for our businesses to reach a sustainable place… one where we’re not running ourselves ragged, but one where we have our processes nailed down, our minimum price set, and our plan of action started in landing our ideal clients, consistently. 

Is this the right fit for you?

- Have you been reading my newsletter and feel as though we are on the same page? 

- Are you not landing your ideal client, consistently?

- Do you feel your business isn’t sustainable and you’re not gaining any traction?

- Are you frustrated and burnt out from going through the feast or famine cycle one too many times?

- Do you crave a like-minded community that is aiming at a similar business goal as you?

Yes? Well, then this might be the perfect group for you.

Details of the group:

- Access to the exclusive Facebook group.

- Weekly live group Zoom calls.

- First look at educational materials that are being developed.

- A supportive community that will keep you accountable and push you to take action. 

- Deep dive into how I run my business (beyond the newsletter)

The Investment: 

- $50 monthly subscription


Watch the replay below of a live group Zoom call and feel what it’s like to be part of the group. 

Ready to join the group? 

- You’ll receive a welcome email with instructions on how to be added to the group. 

- Once added to the group, introduce yourself to everyone.

- You’ll automatically be billed every month

- Deadline to sign up is Friday, Sept 21. 

See you in the group!


Of note: 

- To encourage camaraderie, enrollment will only open a few times per year. 

- Seats are limited! You snooze, you lose (until the next open-enrollment ;)