You have a rare, one of a kind, golden nugget buried deep within your story.

And when you book a Discovery Consultation, we'll search for that golden nugget together. You'll walk away from this first meeting with clarity about that special something that only you and your brand possess—that thing that will attract your ideal clients like bees to honey. 

Not to mention—it's a lot more fun (and efficient) to go on a treasure hunt with someone else. 

I’d love to answer a few frequently asked questions before you book a consultation…

1. Can't I just get a logo?

Some of the most common requests I get are “can I get a logo?,” “I’m in need of a website” and “can I get a quick tagline?"

And while those are definitely things that we do at Marks and Maker, and are quite good at (if I do say so myself), they are only the outside facade—held up by a thorough, in-depth process and framework.

In short—yes, you can get a logo. But you'll also be getting so much more.   

2. How will we know what to build for my brand?

I start off our first meeting by listening to not just your story, but your goal. Having a crystal clear vision of what you want to accomplish will enable us to make sure we’re aiming at the right target.

With that solid foundation in place, you may decide to move on to the next phase—creating a strategic roadmap that will inform what deliverables should be developed for your brand—whether that's a logo, messaging, or even a website. 

3. Are we a good fit?

If you’re looking to skip the planning for a quick fix and want to jump straight into designing a logo or website, I want to be upfront. I might not be the right fit for you. 

I believe that exponential growth and the achievement of giant goals comes from in-depth discovery, strategic planning, and an aligned team. 

If you share that belief too, it may just be kismet.

Melinda Livsey
- Owner/Brand Strategist