You’re a hit!  
What now?

It seems like you've achieved a huge amount of success and growth. You have so much incoming work that you and your people are scrambling to finish it. Things are great, and you want to set yourself up for continued growth—you have big goals! 

3 common problems that tend to surface during this stage: 

1. You get increasingly tired juggling the incoming leads, biz dev, and managing the internal workings of your business. 

2. You realize that to double in revenue, you must become twice the business (or person) to make that happen. 

3. You feel that there is no way to make sales unless you are on the ground doing it yourself. After all, no one has the passion for you business as you do, right? 

3 things you can do to lift the load and grow exponentially.   

1. Turn your website into your best salesperson. 

Have you used your website to it's utmost potential? Is it part of the sales funnel that is strategically built to lead your prospects along the journey to become paying clients and customers? Or are you still acting as the main salesperson? 

2. Find better ways of serving your existing customers. 

Often, it wise to serve your existing customers better before expanding your current services into new markets. Have you optimized and done all you can for the people you currently serve? It costs more to acquire new clients, so serving those that already know, like, and trust you is a great place to start. 

3. Optimize your systems. 

If your business doesn't run like a well oiled machine, then it may be time to evaluate your systems and processes. The bigger you grow, the less time the owner should have to be present. You heard that right. The bigger you grow, the more the owner should be able to delegate. If you're still in doubt, check out the book Work the System. And here's a tip: you can get a free pdf of the book when you sign up for their email list! 

How else can I help you?

Building a brand can get confusing and overwhelming. That's why I tailored specific offerings for those who are in need of a little extra clarity and direction.

- Melinda Livsey, CEO/Brand Strategist