“It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration.”

- Steve Maraboli

To clear the clutter so you can laser focus on the goals you have for your brand, I offer a few additional packages beyond our standard services. 

Clarity Consult - $250

Do you feel like you’re inside a water bottle but you’re trying to read the label? Sometimes we just need an extra pair of eyes and perspective to get us on the right track. 

1 hour video consult (via Zoom)

Brand Audit - $1,000

Do you feel like something is off in your brand, but you’re just not sure what? After our initial meeting, I’ll look for the clog that could be contributing to your brand woes and report back with my observations and suggestions moving forward. 

1 hour initial video consultation (via Zoom)
PDF of observations and suggestions
30 minute video meeting to present PDF

Ideal Customer Workshop - $2,500

Did you outline your ideal customer already, but for some reason, you’re just not connecting with them? In this workshop, we’ll reevaluate your chosen ideal customer and identify where the disconnect is—whether it’s who you’re targeting, where you’re trying to find them, or how you’re communicating with them. 

2-3 hour virtual workshop (via Zoom)
PDF recap of our workshop

Not what you're looking for?

Email me at hello@marksandmaker.com and let me know what you need!

- Melinda Livsey, Founder/Brand Strategist