Accessible Translation Solutions

Re-Brand, Messaging, Marketing Deliverables

Accessible Translation Solutions (ATS) came to us to help them stand out from the rest of the translation services out there. How could they stop competing on price? How could they attract more of their ideal clients? How could they serve them and meet more of their needs? 

With a bit of wit we set out to differentiate ATS from the many translation service options. ATS became a brand with a personality their ideal client would not only be attracted to, but emotionally connected to.


Accessible Translation Solutions is unique in that they provide peer-to-peer, customized solutions for forward-thinking clients by helping them pioneer untapped markets—both domestically and abroad.


Ideal Client Persona

We first outlined what kind of client would be ideal for ATS. We found out that they already have worked with a few of their ideal clients, but risk losing them to cheaper options. We made an in-depth user persona to uncover how ATS could not only attract more of this type of client, but serve them in ways beyond their current services, mainly, becoming aware of, and reaching untapped markets.


Research and Strategy

After looking at the competition, brand attributes, and ideal client, we discovered what differentiates ATS from everyone else—how they serve their clients with quality in a peer to peer way. ATS is not a farm that delivers low quality translations, but a brand that cares. ATS goes beyond the short lived needs of translation and helps their clients expand their business by offering the new service of consulting. 

Since we uncovered that the ideal client was to the point, straight forward and enjoyed intelligent wit, we knew we could infuse ATS with that same personality to make the brand a peer to their ideal client.



After messaging was dialed in, we took everything we uncovered about the ideal client, brand, and goals, and designed a stylescape that laid out the look and feel of the brand.

The look was inspired by travel photos since ATS will be helping their clients get into untapped markets in new geographical locations. The images are appealing which gives the viewer a sense of wanting to not only go their themselves, but to get their company’s product into that location as well. The concept centered around the three words rich, travel, and communication. The emphasis on communication lead to large headlines being prominent.