We are your friendly,
next door brand consultancy.*

*If you are lucky enough to live in Southern California, we mean that quite literally. 


AbouT US

We are Marks and Maker. We like branding, coffee, and people that show up with big ideas.

While we don’t always have a cup of sugar on hand, we are always ready to lend helpful insight and expertise. It is our mission to help you sift through the hundreds of ideas you have for your brand and chart a clear course forward.


We believe

Every business needs a winning personality and every office should have a dog. 












What makes us so special?

Listen, we don’t just want to work with you. We want to invest in you and your business. We’re not into flings and waiting three days to call. We like relationships, commitment, and straightforward communication. Plus, we have a solid, results-oriented process. What's not to love? 




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Meet the Founder

  Melinda Livsey

Melinda Livsey—Brand Strategist
Self proclaimed Tetris champion, logic puzzle nerd, and Golden Ratio enthusiast, Melinda Livsey lives to connect dots, analyze patterns, and solve problems. Don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you—once you get this INTJ talking about a topic of interest, you best be making a second pot of coffee. 

As the founder and brand strategist of Marks and Maker, Melinda unites over ten years of professional design experience with a penchant for thoughtful customer service.

Melinda’s experience with notable names like Oakley, Paramount Pictures, and Loot Crate, coupled with her passion for creative thinkers and entrepreneurs, creates the perfect cocktail of impeccable workmanship, exceptional brands, and happy clientele.


Notable Features


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Orthogonal Podcast
Branding and What it Actually Means

The Logo Creative
Using the Golden Ratio in Logo Design

This Design Life
Interview with Melinda Livsey

The Passion Behind the Art Podcast
Interview with Melinda Livsey


Meet the Dream Team


Alissa McCawley—Identity Designer
Alissa was born and raised in Orange County and spent a small stint in LA while studying at Art Center College of Design. She received her BFA in Graphic Design, and during her studies, she discovered her love for identity design, branding and typography. Through her work with non-profits, she became acquainted with her deep-seated passion for teaching, mentoring and building intentional relationships with people. She sees herself as a bridge builder – between concepts and people.  

When she’s not building bridges she’s chasing her 3 little kids on the hiking trails around their home. She loves all things coffee (she needs it to keep up with those kids!), photography, and is an aspiring morning person.



Danica Finnegan—Graphic Designer
Danica has been designing for as long as she can remember. From creating flyers for her (short-lived) childhood dog walking business, to doodling logos during class, to designing layouts for her high school yearbook and newspaper, she was always drawn to design. Away from the screen, Danica loves to travel with her husband, take long walks with her two dogs, and horseback ride.